17 Ave Maria 
18 The Sun is shining brightly 
19 Soul of my Saviour 
20 Mother of Christ 
21 Regina Caeli 
22 Mater Admirabilis 
23 Jesus Thou art coming 
24 O Notre Dame the Echoes waken 
01 Guardian Angel 
02 O Queen of the Holy Rosary 
03 I Rise from Dreams of Time 
04 Joy! Joy! The Mother Comes 
05 Salve Regina 
06 O Take me to Thy Sacred Heart 
07 Like the Dawning of the Morning 
08 We long to see Thee so 
09 At the hour of Silent Midnight 
10 Away in a Manger 
11 He Smiles within His Cradle 
12 The Angels sing around the Stall 
13 I sing of a Mayden 
14 To Joseph's House in Bethlehem 
15 Christmas and New Year Wishes 
16 Joy Bells  
25 Julie Saint of the Listening Heart 
26 On the Cross lifted 
27 Sweet Saviour Bless us e'er we go 
28 Who is this cometh over the Mountain 
29 Bring flowers of the Rarest 
30 Long have we looked to see Thy Day 
31 How Good you are God 
32 Mother of all that is pure and glad  
This beautiful CD is the work of Sister Margaret Rose Bradley who has been a Sister of Notre Dame for more than 40 years. Margaret Rose's aim is to preserve some of the older hymns sung by Sisters of Notre Dame and their students. It is also intended to remind people of the older hymns of the Catholic Church, which many sang in childhood. It is hoped it may be a resource for anyone with Dementia, as music stays in the memory longer than the spoken word.  
Sister Margaret Rose's e-mail address 
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