Take a moment to centre yourself and go into the sacred space deep within 
"Be still for the presence of the Lord, the Holy One is here" 
“We exist for the poor: only for the poor.” 
Now slowly pray the words of Isaias 42:1-4 
Here is my servant whom I uphold, 
my chosen one in whom I delight. 
I have bestowed my spirit upon him 
and he will make justice shine on the nations. 
He will not call out or lift his voice high, 
or make himself heard in the street. 
He will not break the bruised reed, 
or snuff out a smouldering wick. 
He will make justice shine on every race, 
never faltering, never breaking down. 
He will plant justice on earth 
while coasts and islands wait for his teaching. 
The Sisters soon settled in Namur and were fully occupied teaching poor children who came to their school. Many of the parents who visited the school had very little religious knowledge and many of them had forgotten how to pray. Now they asked the Sisters to teach them so that they too could pray with their children to the “good God." In the evening the Sisters held classes in lace-making so that the young women who attended them would be able to earn a living. At the same time the Sisters taught them about God’s greatness and his great love for them. As the number of Sister grew so did the numbers of the children in the poor school. One well-meaning priest advised Julie to cut down on the number of these pupils so that she could make more room for paying boarders, but Julie would not hear of this suggestion: the children of the poor were the priority. 
Julie’s poor were uneducated and probably living in slum conditions. Today, the poor are still with us. We see them as we walk down a city street or watch the News on TV. Consider the “ poor” in your area. Can you see the face of Christ in them? Consider what Julie’s response to them would be. What is your response? Ponder the face in the picture. Here is one in whom God delights. How does this thought touch you? 
What has touched you about this time of prayer? 
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