Ogilvie, an Ogilvie March 2018 
The Ogilvie Crest 
Ecumenical Sung First Vespers of Scotland's Saint ...  
John Ogilvie was celebrated on the eve of the feast on 9th March 2018 in  
St Aloysius Church, Glasgow ... This beautiful Jesuit Church houses the main shrine to the post Reformation Martyr. The Saint Mungo Singers, with their director Monsignor Gerry Fitzpatrick, led a large congregation in singing, who had been welcomed into the Church by the Piper. Archbishop Philip Tartaglia, with Ministers and Clergy from other Christian Churches prayed together at the shrine before the service took place ... 
Beside the shrine is an unusual, but beautiful icon of the Saint. It is the work of Mrs Blazena Dzurjanikova who lives in the city. This icon sums up the short but courageous life of the Saint. There are two horses, representing the disguise John had taken as pretending to be a horse dealer. The horse John is riding, has on it the Ogilvie Coat of Arms. This icon is written on specially prepared poplar wood, reinforced with oak ... The people in the story represent those who were involved in the Saint's life and the Cathedral is Glasgow Cathedral.  
This magnificent work of art was commissioned to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Martyrdom of John Ogilvie 
Mosaic of the torture of St John Ogilvie 
in St Aloysius' Church, Glasgow 
Mosaic of the hanging of St John Ogilvie 
in St Aloysius' Church, Glasgow 
Tollbooth, the Trongate, Glasgow Cross .... site of Ogilvie Martyrdom  
Glasgow has plans to erect a statue of the Saint beside the Trongate, where Ogilvie was hanged. A group of Lay People are responsible for campaigning for this memorial which hopefully will soon be erected at the Trongate near to the actual site of his martyrdom. John Ogilvie, a much loved Saint in Glasgow, was a Highlander himself , who was converted to Catholicism as he studied in Europe in the early 1600's ..... he became a Jesuit Priest and returned to his beloved Scotland amidst troubled Reformation Times .... Catholicism was forbidden in the country, sadly, Ogilvie was betrayed as he was saying mass in hidden houses organised by Catholic Women ... He was imprisoned and tortured in Glasgow and was accused of Treason .. He was hanged in the city in 1615. 
Today, some 400 years after his death, he is recognised by other Christian Churches as one who died for the freedom to speak out and practise his faith. Many today in Scotland are fighting for that Freedom of Speech and Liberty to express their beliefs. Glasgow will indeed flourish where freedom exists to Preach the Word and Praise the Name of the Lord . 
Saint John Ogilvie pray for and bless all people in Scotland .. 
Sister Maureen Coyle SND 
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